Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers


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Hi there! We’re Cindy and Grant Lindemer of Manitou Tollers. We breed working, show and grand champion Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers. We’re extremely proud of our pups and consider them part of the family.

We live on a large plot of land in Forest Lake, Minnesota that sits next to a body of water. Our pups are exposed to a variety of people of all ages, different types of weather and various activities. All of our dogs are actively involved in training obedience and hunting skills. They love to work as much as they love to play.

About Tollers

An AKC and CKC registered breed of Sporting Dog, “Duck Tollers”, or “Tollers”, are the smallest of the retriever breeds. Tollers love the water and are happiest when they have work to do. One of the things they love to do most is “Toll”. Tolling is a technique used to lure swimming waterfowl within range of the hunter. We have found that many waterfowl can be tolled successfully in our own back yard. Not only Ducks, but Canada Geese, Swans, and even Loons can be lured in for a closer look. Both the dogs and their owners enjoy this activity even when not hunting.

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